Kainoa Kilcher Original Song Catalogue / 2011

  1. Jig-saw puzzle
  2. There is another side to me
  3. Dancing by the water
  4. Chrystal shot eyes
  5. Radiant future
  6. I want to hold on to you
  7. Wakeup call in the middle of the afternoon
  8. Can you hear me on your radio
  9. Your Soft but cold hands wake me
  10. If I fall I know you be right there
  11. Wake me on up, its almost noon
  12. There’s a Special way
  13. You live your life like that song
  14. Let it glow
  15. Alone in my car
  16. In search to be cleansed
  17. Here in my head
  18. All my friends
  19. All I wanted to say is that I cant be with you, dream with you
  20. You girls are all the same
  21. As the sun sets down
  22. You can come back home any time you want
  23. As days go by
  24. Time after time
  25. Please I am asking for forgiveness
  26. Get up every morning
  27. Lay your head down
  28. Rain softly falls of her face
  29. I feel like I’m falling
  30. I can smell your sent from here
  31. I feel like I’m falling
  32. Everything you want is coming your way
  33. Winter and fall
  34. Things are changing now
  35. Memories always seem to flood me
  36. I am not the guy that is sleeping with you
  37. Prison of love
  38. Why cant I smile, if everything is handed to me
  39. Where are we now, we’re walking in circles
  40. When your alone, alone to long
  41. I waited for the sun to raise today
  42. Take me off this freeway
  43. Just another day
  44. Tell me, are you happy with what you have
  45. I always make it through, but the memories of you
  46.  Cry, cry, cry all you want
  47. Where did the sun go?
  48. You can fool all the others
  49. If doors of heaven fade away
  50. You and me together
  51. Water boiling
  52. Yellow kangaroo
  53. I never thought I surrender


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